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Donovan Dietrich
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Born: Dec 21
Age: 19
Height: 6'1''
All that drawing I did in my school agendas will pay off someday.
Music: Dub step, Pop
Food: DONUTS!!!!

Beliefs---I really dont believe in much. I make my own destiny, nobody determines my path. I guess you can say that you cant put a label on me. But I dont totally diss religion because you never know. I just live to live. I do believe in the big bang theory though.
(and dogs are better than cats)

Gay Rights--- Loving someone of the same sex does not change the fact that it is still love. I support it. But the minuet you start hinnin' on me then we gotta problem.

Politics--- FUCK POLITICS!

Drugs--- Do what you want just dont involve me. Just keep it away from me. I will though probably advise you to quit because I care and all.

Offensive Stuff--- I can take a joke. Like being a non-stereotypical black dude I do get a lot a jokes (from friends). Rarely though I will be like ok you can stop now its not funny anymore. You make it personal though, then we got issues.

Entertainment--- Dear Disney, stop making shitty ass sit-coms.
Dear CartoonNetwork, your doing ok.
Dear Nick, you need a little work, and please cancel Spongebob. It had a good run.
Yea, anyway, I believe I know a good show when I see one. At least I like to. When I dont like a show then I dont diss it. Thers a lot of hard working people that work on this stuff. Just say that its for a different audience.



out of the shadows by D-TRiK
out of the shadows
needed a picture of me to paint over for a self portrait assignment in intro to computer graphics. sadly this golly picture could not be used for it is too dark. but just dark enough to upload here. enjoy >:)
Recently bought an intuos pro medium and waddya know the darn thing wont charge. Just my luck! Ive been looking around and this seems to be a common problem with these tablets but I JUST bought the thing!

Any ideas on what I should do? Fix it myself? Return it and get my money back for a new new one and hope for the best? Chuck it out my window into the freezing cold? 

They should really make a charger thats separate from the actual tablet to charge the battery. Do those exist because I would like one and something like that could put an end to this problem for sure. 
New Tablet! by D-TRiK
New Tablet!
first drawing with my intous pro! i was worried that i wouldnt make enough to get it but i did so yay!!! 
this thing is great, so happy X)

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Cool art! You are really talented! Great job! I love it! :heart:
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thank yew sew mooch!your not too bad yourself. keep it up!
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why thank ye soren of 1442!
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Your welcome!
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nice art!
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Thanks for the fave. Little confidence boost for a newbie like myself. :) Much appreciated.
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