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day 7 and 8 by D-TRiK
day 7 and 8
a skinny pokemon and a fossil pokemon
these are late because one day i was sick and the other day the internet was balls so i made these real quick
Got tagged by  :devGameRat101: (sorry i took so long) 

10 facts about me

1, Im 19 yrs old
2, Played the trombone form 6th to 12th grade
3, Want to be an animator
4, Im in college, my major is visual communication
5, Love cartoons!
6, Sports... nope
7, i cant drive :(  it scares me
8, Faveorite pokemon, Dragonite
9, Born in Michigan
10, Im the first in my family to make it this far...

The 10 questions I was asked

1. What kind of music do you listen to?
    old rap, the dub, pop, and dance

2. What motivates you through the day?
    Redemption... not for me...

3. What's your favorite food?

4. Is there anyone that you look up to?
    My siblings I hope heh

5. What is your favorite cartoon show?
    Right now Steven Universe

6. What's your dream career?

7. What is your favorite time of the year?
    Winter but after a while its like "soab, go away snow!"

8. Do you play video games? If so, what are some of your favorite games?
    Yes, but I dont really own any consoles and Im in college so I cant go wasting money on games.

9. Is there anybody that makes art that you admire?
    Stevraybro, go look him up! He has a dA and hes on youtube!

10. What is your favorite color?
    Orange and Blue

My questions

1, faveorite cartoon?
2, why?
3, read any webcomics? if so what?
4, whats your life time goal?
5, your favorite artist?
6, have any other skills?
7, everyone has a cartoon, internet avatar thing. how'd you come about yours?
8, favorite media to art with?
9, why?
10, favorite book or graphic novel?

i tag


also i have no idea how to tag people so pretty sure i did this wrong
Happy October by D-TRiK
Happy October
I believe that this is the closest Ive ever gotten to a digital painting! Like holy crap this came out so nice, yes!


Donovan Dietrich
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Born: Dec 21
Age: 19
Height: 6'1''
All that drawing I did in my school agendas will pay off someday.
Music: Dub step, Pop
Food: DONUTS!!!!

Beliefs---I really dont believe in much. I make my own destiny, nobody determines my path. I guess you can say that you cant put a label on me. But I dont totally diss religion because you never know. I just live to live. I do believe in the big bang theory though.
(and dogs are better than cats)

Gay Rights--- Loving someone of the same sex does not change the fact that it is still love. I support it. But the minuet you start hinnin' on me then we gotta problem.

Politics--- FUCK POLITICS!

Drugs--- Do what you want just dont involve me. Just keep it away from me. I will though probably advise you to quit because I care and all.

Offensive Stuff--- I can take a joke. Like being a non-stereotypical black dude I do get a lot a jokes (from friends). Rarely though I will be like ok you can stop now its not funny anymore. You make it personal though, then we got issues.

Entertainment--- Dear Disney, stop making shitty ass sit-coms.
Dear CartoonNetwork, your doing ok.
Dear Nick, you need a little work, and please cancel Spongebob. It had a good run.
Yea, anyway, I believe I know a good show when I see one. At least I like to. When I dont like a show then I dont diss it. Thers a lot of hard working people that work on this stuff. Just say that its for a different audience.


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thank yew sew mooch!your not too bad yourself. keep it up!
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